Long Term Residence


Our long-term care residence has a Five-Star Quality Rating by Medicare. We offer state-of-the-art individualized care that recognizes and honors the elderly in a beautiful way.

From our humble beginning as the Eaton County Poor Farm in 1866 to the Eaton County Medical Care Facility, and to our new identity as Eaton County Health and Rehabilitation Services, our commitment to the people we serve in this community has remained the same.

As we continue to grow and add to our of community resources, it is important to acknowledge that you, our dedicated staff, are the reason we are so successful. Because of staff’s commitment to our values and to the community members we serve, we are able to provide people exceptional care as well as a great experience whether they are with us for long term, short term, or one-time appointments.

At ECHRS, we value people, our residents, patients, clients, families, staff, and community. We demonstrate this value by treating everyone with respect and dignity, in a positive, friendly, compassionate manner. With our staff committed to upholding our values, we will continue to grow and serve in this community. Our Core Values are spelled out in the acronym “Create It”. By remembering these values, each of us uphold the promise we have made as a service organization: Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Trust, Education, Innovation, and Team.

We are a far-reaching and diverse organization with the opportunity to positively impact many lives in our community and beyond. We will continue to grow and expand our facility and services as evidenced by our upcoming construction projects and additions. Our goal is to continue to be an integral resource and active participant in Eaton County. We will continue to provide exceptional service and job opportunities to our community. We depend on our staff to show anyone who interacts with us what the ECHRS brand stands for and uphold our promise to them.


Admission Requirements

There are some prerequisites before admission to Eaton Gardens:

  • APPLY NOW: There is currently a waiting list for Eaton Gardens. You will need to complete an application and you will be added to the waiting list.
  • Visit your Primary Care Physician: Prior to admission, you need to see your Primary Care Physician for a full History and Physical, Mental Health Screen (3877/3878), Chest X-ray, and Medication Reconciliation.

Please note that placement is based on availability and appropriate fit. For example, a room on our Memory Care neighborhood opens, and you are not in need of Memory Care, you may be next on the list, but that is not considered appropriate placement. Similarly, new potential residents that require a high level of care may not be considered for certain neighborhoods that are not equipped for higher level of care. Our Admissions department evaluates potential new residents based on wait-list order, and the appropriate fit so that we can provide the best care for residents' medical conditions.


Caring Expertise

Our staff in Eaton Gardens is dedicated to providing the highest possible care to each resident. The healthcare staff is professionally licensed and/or certified by the State or appropriate professional organizations. Ongoing in-service and professional development programs keep staff current on changing regulations and care issues.

Skin Care Team

Led by one wound care certified nurse, our Skin Care Team monitors all of our residents to ensure that they receive the best possible care to prevent skin breakdown.

Pain Management Team

This team consists of devoted professional nurses and other trained staff, who are committed to monitoring our residents, working with them and our physicians to ensure that our residents are able to obtain the highest level of comfort possible.


Honoring Voices is a guide put in place to ensure that the vision of each individual is accomplished. Patients and families can clearly designate a health care agent who is willing to make health care decisions on behalf of the patient, when the patient is unable to make them for his/her self. Additionally, patients can voice their preferences for nursing & pain control, physical therapy, life sustaining treatments, nutrition, etc.

Under the supervision of the Activity Director, the council meets monthly and was established to give residents and family members an opportunity to have a say in the care they receive and the overall living environment at Eaton Gardens. The council makes decisions on outing locations, brainstorms activities, and addresses any questions or concerns that the residents or family members may have. The group is a way for residents to stay active and learn more about what the facility has to offer.

Our Certified Dementia Care Manager (CDCM) educates and trains staff and caregivers to provide excellent care for residents with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. Our trained staff is able to handle difficult situations and have a better understanding of Alzheimer’s and the many types of dementia. Because of these trainings, staff is more prepared to deal with day to day challenges.


Snoezelen Room for Dementia Patients

We are among the few long-term care facilities in the United States to offer a Snoezelen Room. The multi-sensory environment stimulates the senses of those with cognitive impairments, and includes:

  • Interactive bubble tubes
  • Solar projector
  • Effects wheel
  • Acrylic mirrors
  • Comfort aromatherapy

The blend of sights, sounds, textures, aromas, and motion provide dementia patients with the ability to enhance therapy, learning, and relaxation opportunities.