The Healing and Recovery Center FAQ's

  1. How long does each patient stay? 
    • Each patient is different, average length is 28 days, depending on your ailment.
  2. What should I bring with me? 
    • At least 4-5 days worth of comfortable clothing that is also easy to put on. Such as stretchy pants and T-shirts. Tennis shoes with good foot support. CPAP machine from home if you use this. Please ensure that all personal items brought in should be labeled with your name. We provide most medications, vitamins, and personal hygiene supplies. Most of all bring your smile, patience, positive attitude and determination!
  3. What do I do about my laundry? 
    • We provide laundry services here with no extra fee, but please ensure that all items are clearly labeled.
  4. How much therapy should I expect? 
    • Therapy will depend on each individual patient. Therapy is discussed in each of the care conferences. You will be encouraged to get up often with staff assistance, on-average 2-3 therapy sessions 5 days a week.
  5. Patient to staff ratio? 
    • Nurses 1 to 13, RCT 2 to 13
  6. When are visiting hours? 
    • We do not have set visiting hours. Visitors are welcome throughout the day; however please note that therapy is always the priority. Family is welcome to come during therapy times and observe as well.


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