Honoring Voices

Honoring Voices is a guide put in place to ensure that the vision of each individual is accomplished. Patients and families can clearly designate a health care agent who is willing to make health care decisions on behalf of the patient, when the patient is unable to make them for his/her self. Additionally, patients can voice their preferences for nursing & pain control, physical therapy, life sustaining treatments, nutrition, etc.

Clinical Care Coordinators (CCC)

This professional individual is a Registered Nurse that is assigned to each patient that is admitted into the center. The CCC’s follow each patient from admission to discharge and every step in between. They are available as a direct contact for the patients and families to connect with if they have any questions/concerns throughout their stay at our facility. The CCC’s are responsible for coordinating all nursing care for patients in the center by providing a wholistic approach to patient needs.

Educational Awareness Programs

We offer a number of Educational Awareness programs to patients and their families, including:

  • Self Management of Health & Medication
  • Understanding Medical History & Red Flags
  • Medication Reconciliation upon Admission, Discharge & Home
  • Understanding Medications & Potential Side Effects
  • Importance of Follow-up Appointments with Primary Care Physician
  • Developing a Portable Personal Health Record