After a patient is admitted, the Healing & Recovery Center becomes a partner in care with the primary care and specialty physicians. Information is shared to ensure continuity of care across settings.

After completing intensive therapy at the Healing & Recovery Center, we assist the patient with a smooth transition home to ensure coordinated care with primary care physician, home health agencies, and other specialty physician services. Additionally, we conduct follow-up visits and phone calls during the first 30 days after discharge to ensure that the patient remains on the path to recovery.

Admission Requirements

Before admission to the Healing & Recovery Center, there are certain requirements that must be met. The following is a list of those requirements and who is responsible for providing the information needed:

  1. Information to be obtained from the Patient’s Physician
  2. History (updated within five days prior to admission)
  3. Physical Examination (updated within five days prior to admission)
  4. Discharge Summary (if recently hospitalized)
  5. Chest X-Ray (written report within ninety days prior to admission)
  6. Pre-admission forms DSS-3877 and DSS-3878 
  7. Physician Orders (medications, diet, activity level)
  8. Transfer Sheet (for patients coming from the hospital or another facility)

There is also paperwork to be completed at the Healing & Recovery Center (signing of contract, copies of Insurance cards, etc.). Please allow about 45 minutes to complete this paperwork before admission.

The patient or responsible party is required to supply insurance cards and power of attorney forms (if any) at or before admission.

We recommend 5-6 changes of clothes, sensible walking shoes, night clothes and undergarments. We will supply bedding and linens.