Admission Requirements

There are some prerequisites before admission to Eaton Gardens:

  1. APPLY NOW: There is currently a waiting list for Eaton Gardens. You will need to complete an application and you will be added to the waiting list.

  2. Visit your Primary Care Physician: Prior to admission, you need to see your Primary Care Physician for a full History and Physical, Mental Health Screen (3877/3878), Chest X-ray, and Medication Reconciliation.

Please note that placement is based on availability and appropriate fit. For example, a room on our Memory Care neighborhood opens, and you are not in need of Memory Care, you may be next on the list, but that is not considered appropriate placement. Similarly, new potential residents that require a high level of care may not be considered for certain neighborhoods that are not equipped for higher level of care. Our Admissions department evaluates potential new residents based on wait-list order, and the appropriate fit so that we can provide the best care for residents' medical conditions.

Contact us for more infomation.