Our Mission

Since 1966, Eaton County Health and Rehabilitation Services (ECHRS) has administered skilled nursing, therapeutic, and rehabilitation services to the residents of Eaton County. Our mission is to honor our residents by providing a caring, friendly home in which we can significantly enhance the quality of their lives.

Our Commitment to Excellence

In June 2014, Eaton Country Health and Rehabilitation Services received MPRO’s 2014 Governor’s Award of Excellence for achievements in reducing health care acquired conditions in nursing homes.

“This award demonstrates Michigan’s deep commitment to providing high quality, safe and efficient health care,” said Snyder. “By using proven, evidence-based practices, these organizations are making sure individuals get the right care at the right time.”    

Our Leadership Team

What truly sets Eaton Gardens apart from other long-term care facilities is our dedicated team of health care professionals. Our Leadership Team is a cross-functional, experienced group of individuals who work together to provide the highest quality care to our clients. Leadership Team members are on-duty every day (including weekends) to assure continuity of resident care.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values serve as the foundation for which the success of our Organization is determined. Together, we create the outcome of the effort we put forth. Together, we live the values that effect those we care for and TOGETHER. WE. ARE. ECHRS. Learn more about ECHRS and our Core Values.